Cryptobo Review By Everyday Binary Options Trader!

So you want to know more about Cryptobo binary options broker, you done the right thing by searching for a review for Cryptobo. What you will find is a honest review, since I use Cryptobo almost once a week to make quick profits trading bitcoin.

First of all Cryptobo broker only accepts Bitcoin deposits, if you do not have any Bitcoin yet don’t feel bad you can still sign up and use Cryptobo since they have a 500 Satoshi no deposit bonus for new clients.

Time to review Cryptobo for you, deposits are fast and withdrawals take about 3 hours to process. That is what I like about Cryptobo you can do all this without verifying your account which makes this broker one of the best in my opinion. I do not store my Bitcoins in Cryptobo because they are unregulated, that is the only downside to trading with this broker, if your are looking for a binary options broker that is regulated and supports your country fine use that broker instead but if you want to trade binary options from anywhere in the world, buy some bitcoin first and give Cryptobo a try.

To be honest I lost more than I taken out but what I noticed is that the price charts is 99% accurate with their pricing. I only trade Bitcoin because I think I can predict the movement better than the other assets they have to trade on. I loose because I tend to max my trade after a loosing trade which isn’t wise but oh what the heck, that how I trade sometimes, risky. Talking about risk, what made me write this review for Cryptobo is that as easy it is to make money you can loose as well, just keep that in mind when you open an account with Cryptobo.

I will like to show you that Cryptobo withdrawal proof, so you know you can trust this broker, the only thing I will recommend is that you withdraw your earnings asap from the account after trading, do not store your Bitcoins within Cryptobo, keep your bitcoin in your personal wallet just for added protection, the last thing I want to hear happen to you is that the broker is shutdown and your funds is lost with it.

If your in USA and can’t find a binary options broker to trade with try Cryptobo, and once your start investing in Bitcoin you will always make money. Use Cryptobo to multiply your Bitcoin fast, the slow way is to do cryptocurrency trading.

I hope this helps I will continue to edit this post so make sure and bookmark this page for future reference